Why you need to start your sustainability plan immediately?
Because you need to use your time wisely to adapt to the modern business model.

What we do: We guide businesses and professionals in sustainability matters. How we do:  Helping business leaders to understand the sustainability game, narrow this knowledge to their specifics and do more to become satisfied with their sustainability performance.
We can:
1. Teach your team
2. Guide your roadmap
3. Support along the way   

Time is the decisive to adapt and be prepared.
Let us guide your company in starting to manage emissions.

It is easier than you are thinking, two steps and you are on track!

Begin  asking yourself in a scale of 1 (no action taken) to 5 (enquiring why should you care), what number represent your business?
Would you like to understand if you can adapt to sustainable business, and how. We can guide you with that.

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Are you an exhibitor or a supply in the exhibition supply chain? We have expertise to help you find the right services. 
Be low footprint in your B2B trade fairs.

Only few companies know that...

Scope 3 emissions is the most complex in the emissions protocol and the one with higher emissions in the corporate carbon footprint. With the right strategy you will be able to minimize it while you participate in exhibitions. Only few companies know how! After we start the project with you you will step ahead to decrease emissions in scope 3.

Best Impact Consulting

We support the initiative encouraging the exhibition supply chain to follow the net zero road map guidance! 

You can't reduce if you don't measure

Time is money

Healthy business are sustainable! Sooner you start to understand it, cheaper and smoother will it be for you.

You wont save the planet, but you can reduce your impact on it!