What can we do for your business.

We screen your business climate risk based on your activities that produce relevant emissions for your company and to your customers. We prepare a report and guide you to the right tools where you can have you impact calculated. We follow up the results and insert in you annual report so you can have your impact under control.If you believe you can do it by own hands, we can guide you and support along the way.

"Ask yourself why you are not preparing your company to perform with sustainability , then let us help you with that!"
MSC Environmental Sciences - Corporate consult

Rosana Lopes

Identify your challenges

If your company find difficult to reduce the emissions scope 1 and 2, a scientific consultor will work harder to reduce the Scope 3 emissions. This is one of  our strategies to reduce the footprint of your  business.

Roadmap of actions

Studying the data  and measuring your primary impact we will trace a roadmap to your reductions concentrating on the emissions where is possible to handle without harm the process. 

Fractioning the scopes 1 ,2,3 to reduce impact 

The complexity of the emissions composition can be at the same time a hard work and an advantage during the strategic actions.